Wedding Guest Book - Fingerprint Idea

Wedding Guest Book - Fingerprint Idea

Unique Wedding Guest Book

signature guest book for weddings

This idea is simply fantastic! With an assortment of colors, your guests will sign with their fingerprints to help create a memorable wedding guest tree!

  • Material: Made of high-quality and anti-scratch canvas, not a paper,thickening and waterproof
  • Canvas Size: 23.6''*15.7''/40*60cm; Ink pads box: 2.5''
  • Package include: 1 x Canvas fingerprint tree (not include frame) & 12 x Inkpad (random color),NOTE-The fingerprints trees do not include frame and can't be customized.
  • Just leaving a lasting memory on the canvas with the ink pad on each branch of the tree to make them become the leaves of the tree, which makes your party memorable and unforgettable
  • Make it a lovely and attractive painting for your important occasions like wedding, party, birthday, baby shower, anniversaries and graduation, as well as a beautiful keepsake decor on the wall of your home

Wedding Favors Gift Set - Rustic Bottle Opener

Wedding Favors Gift Set - Rustic Bottle Opener

We're always looking for awesome wedding/holiday gift ideas, and we fell in love with this one! With a 5-star rating, this affordable wedding gift idea is something worth considering!

Wedding Favors Guest Gift: Rustic Key Bottle Opener :

What is everyone saying:
  • Gold, Bronze, Silver Choices
  • Heavy/ durable key
  • Affordable wedding guest gift
  • Intricate Rustic design
  • Easy to re-gift (small package)

rustic key bottle opener

wedding guest bottle opener gift idea

    Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

    Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

    Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

    Choosing the perfect wedding favor can some times be stressful. The unexpected is always scary when dealing with your wedding day; everyone around you is trying their best to make sure EVERYTHING goes according to plan! Some of us accomplish this goal while a few others are met with a few hiccups. In either case, we encourage you to be positive, embrace the mistakes because others will follow your lead. When a young child falls, oftentimes he/she looks at his parents for confirmation on how he/she reacts. React with understanding and encouragement and your child will follow suit!

    As an attempt to make sure we minimize any unwanted surprises, we are offering our Free Wedding Sparkler Sample Package! Though there is a small shipping fee of $11.99, customers will receive a total of 17 free sparklers: 8 36inch sparklers, 8 20inch sparklers, and one heart sparkler. Normally, the cost for this package is $22.70 on our site (much higher on our competitors' sites).

    36inch Wedding Sparklers

    36inch wedding sparklers sparkle for about 3 minutes, these long sparklers are our most popular. Bridal parties always prefer the comfort of having extra sparkling time just in case the lighting process takes a little longer or the bride and groom decide to take a few extra strolls through their wedding sparkler exit. When customers order our 36inch sparklers, they are aware of the size...but somehow, seeing it in person is a surprise! Once you receive your free sparkler package, you will know exactly what we mean!

    • roughly 3 minute sparkle time
    • most popular size
    • best suited for large-sized weddings

    20inch Wedding Sparklers

    20inch sparklers are our next best seller. With an average burning time of 1.5 minutes, this sparkler size is a bit more conservative. While it matches the quality and standards of our wedding approved 36inch sparklers, it is smaller in size, thus it sparkles for less time. A common rule of thumb is to purchase 20inch sparklers for average size weddings since larger weddings will use up more time to light every sparkler. On the other hand, a large wedding party can effectively plan their lighting process and still be able to successfully use 20inch sparklers.

    • roughly 1.5 minute sparkle time
    • better suited for average-sized weddings

    Heart Sparklers

    Heart sparklers are a very special item, perhaps our most symbolic. Immediately after lighting your heart sparkler, it begins as two sparkles and ultimately reunites. It is a symbolic visual that describes the path of meeting your loved one. With a sparkle time of about 50 seconds, heart sparklers are a special item for intimate sized weddings/ gatherings. Similar to 20inch sparklers, customers can effective plan the sparkler lighting process and use heart sparklers for larger sized weddings.

    • roughly 50 second sparkle time
    • better suited for intimate-sized weddings

    Benefits of choosing our FREE Sparkler Sample Package

    The biggest benefit when ordering our FREE wedding sparkler sample package is testing the product! Some venues require virtually smokeless sparklers and prove hesitant to allow just any sparkler on their premise. With our sparkler sample package, wedding venues can literally test the quality of the sparkler and decide whether it meets their standards. Some bride and grooms go through the effort of purchasing sparklers, waiting for delivery, and unfortunately being rejected by ambivalent wedding venues.

    Wedding photographers need to know what they are going to be working with. We completely understand that there are instances where unplanned pictures or "fortunate accidents" have been the source of unforgettable memories! On the other hand, sparkler exits are a one-shot deal. Plan the sparkler exit and allow your guests to bring the unpredictable! Additionally, wedding sparklers have proven to be camera shy. Any seasoned wedding photographer would immensely appreciate working with your particular sparkler brand before your wedding day.

    • venue has the opportunity to approve or reject your sparklers
    • customers can test the quality
    • wedding photographers can prepare for your wedding day

      Sky Lanterns For Sale

      Sky Lanterns

      sky lanterns wedding

      Image courtesy of © Dino Gomez Photography

      Creating a sky lantern sendoff is a wonderful experience that offers an everlasting impression. It is a product that carries tangible symbolism. For example, sky lanterns are also known as wish lanterns because individuals are encouraged to write "wishes" on their own lanterns before releasing it.

      Sky Lanterns are used in huge festivals around the world, celebrating events such as world peace, love, optimism, and hope. As the popularity of wish lanterns grows, it is being included in traditional events such as weddings, anniversaries, and farewells.

      Sky Lantern Quality

      With many vendors offering sky lanterns, there are differences in quality. One of the biggest and most important differences is whether your sky lantern is biodegradable or not. There are sky lanterns that are semi-biodegradable and others that are 100% biodegradable. The easiest way to determine if your wish lanterns are biodegradable is by checking the wire or rope used to secure the lantern flame. If it's wire, the item is not 100% biodegradable. If it is rope (most likely made from bamboo), then it is 100% biodegradable. Every other part of the sky lantern is normally biodegradable by default.
      The second material to keep in mind is the kind of paper used. Make sure you purchase fire retardant paper. In other words, the sky lantern paper is fire resistant, which allows the wish lantern to continue floating until the flame extinguishes. On the other hand, if traditional paper is used, a gentle touch of the flame could easily inflame the sky lantern only seconds after taking off.

      Wish Lanterns

      One of the main reasons why we love wish lanterns is because of the added benefit: customization. Customers are given the opportunity to write as many wishes on their floating lanterns before sending it off. If being used for a wedding, the wedding party can write their warm wishes for the bride and groom, wishing them a happily ever after!

      Wedding parties or festivals include the "wish writing" as part of the event. Allowing your guests to scatter, get comfortable, and pour their hearts and wishes into a lovely mini hot air balloon is bound to create a magical ambiance. If your event is small in size, perhaps you can consider reading a few wishes out loud! Specifically for weddings, bride and grooms will have their own wedding sky lantern to decorate with their hopes and dreams; another wonderful moment to capture on such a special day.

      wish lanterns wedding

      Image courtesy of © Dino Gomez Photography

      Sky Lantern Sendoff Conditions

      The ideal conditions for a sky lantern sendoff are the following: minimal to no wind, no nearby trees or airports.

      Minimal to no wind: sky lanterns are just like clouds, guided by the wind. A huge safety concern you will often hear about sky lanterns is wildfires. If a sky lantern lands before the fuel source is naturally extinguished, there is a risk of a fire if the surrounding area is dry wood or leaves. With strong winds, sky lanterns can be forced downwards or into trees where it will get stuck. With minimal to no wind present, sky lanterns will continue to float upwards until the fuel source is extinguished. At this point, the floating wish lantern will fall softly and pose no risk to the environment.

      No nearby trees: recall that sky lanterns are meant to float upwards until the fuel source ceases to produce a flame. If it is forced downwards by wind or is trapped in a tree while the fuel source is still active, there is a risk that it may cause a fire. Releasing the wish lantern in an open field or an area with no close by trees will dramatically reduce the risk of the sky lantern possibly starting a fire.

      No nearby airports: do not release sky lanterns near an airport. It is illegal due to the risk it poses on the flight path of an airplane. Please host your sky lantern sendoff at a safe location. We want everyone to enjoy this wonderful experience, but we strongly stand against irresponsible use of any product.

      How To: Floating Lanterns

      Sky Lanterns are fairly easy to prepare. We recommend two individuals per sky lantern. Carefully remove the floating lantern from its packaging. Unfold the sky lantern carefully and move it around so that it fills with air (similar to a garbage bag). Once the lantern is somewhat inflated with air, turn it upside down. Then, secure the wax fuel. The wax fuel will have a hole in the center and you would simply need to insert the center wire (or rope) through it. Next, use a lighter or small torch to ignite the fuel source. Once the fuel source is engulfed in flames, grab the top corners of the sky lantern (which will be towards the ground since the wedding sky lantern is upside down until this point). After securing a grip on the corners, gently turn the sky lantern upside up. After a few minutes, the wish lantern will fill with warm air and begin to pull upwards. The moment you feel a consistently strong pull, your sky lantern is ready to float away!

      If you have any questions regarding our sky lanterns, please feel free to contact us. Our goal is to provide a worry-free, unforgettable and wonderful experience!

      Sparklers for Weddings

      Sparklers For Weddings

      wedding sparklers

      The Wedding Sparkler experience is full of excitement, exhilaration, and nostalgia. Many of us enjoyed sparklers as children and even as adults during July 4th or New Year's Eve. It is a wonderful product that carries a "sparkling" personality and energy. As one of the most popular wedding sendoff ideas, wedding sparklers are transforming traditional wedding exits.

      There is a method when purchasing wedding sparklers. Put simply, there are varying qualities and sizes of wedding sparklers. In terms of quality, there should not be any sort of compromise. Top quality sparklers only produce gold sparkles and are built with steel wire cores. In other words, sparklers that emit different colors or are built with bamboo (wooden) cores will produce more smoke and ash given their lower quality. Sparklers for weddings should undoubtedly be steel wire core in order to capture clear, bright sparkler photography.

      Sparkler Sizes

      sparklers for weddings
      Most sparkler companies sell three different sparkler sizes: long 36inch sparklers, 20inch sparklers, and small 10inch sparklers. We, at Wedding Exits, only provide long 36inch and 20inch sparklers. Each wedding sparkler is of top quality; the only change between each size is the amount of time each sparkler lasts.

      • 36inch sparkler lasts 3 minutes
      • 20inch sparkler lasts about 1.5 minutes

      The size of your wedding party plays a role in determining which sparkler size is the better choice. For larger weddings, we recommend 36inch sparklers. On the other hand, if you have special plans for your wedding exit that will require some extra time, we also recommend purchasing these large sparklers. 20inch sparklers are perfect for intimate sized weddings. With either option, how effectively you are able to light your sparklers is vital. If you are able to quickly light your sparklers, you wedding exit will benefit greatly! You will be able to share more sparkle time with your wedding guests.

      Wedding Tags

      We are THE ONLY wedding sparkler company to offer Wedding Tags. We use a template that includes the text "Let Love Sparkle;" customers are given the option to include the name of the bride and groom OR a phrase such as a hashtag or wedding date. Wedding Tags are used to beautify wedding sparklers so you can proudly display them rather than keep them stored until the wedding exit. During the sendoff, your guests simply slide the wedding tag until it reaches the steel wire handle (away from the sparkle composition). It is the perfect sparkler add-on item.

      wedding favor tags for sparklers

      • Measurement: 3 inches x 2 inches
      • Material: Cardstock, beige and white tie-dye design
      sparklers for wedding

      We look forward to being a special part of your wedding day!

      Sparklers vs. Sky Lanterns vs. Glow Sticks

      Sparklers vs. Sky Lanterns vs. Glow Necklaces


      By far one of the most popular wedding exit ideas, wedding sparklers transform wedding exits with their clear sparkles and faces filled with joy. Truth be told, sparklers are timeless. Perhaps it’s the excitement of a firework at the palm of your hands, yet gentle enough to celebrate such a special occasion (wedding). We offer the best quality wedding sparklers in the industry, so customers can enjoy clear sparkles for some amazing wedding photography.

      Sparklers – How will my wedding exit look?

      wedding exit sparkler exit

      If you’re considering wedding sparklers, most likely you will be using them for your wedding exit. A sparkler exit consists of creating a “runway” for the bride and groom. Think of a plane taking off at night; the sparklers create a lit runway for the plane (bride and groom). Each of your guests will hold a lit sparkler and create an arch with the person in front of them. The bride and groom run, walk, and/ or dance through the runway of sparkles as the wedding photographer captures the sparkling magic!

      Sky Lanterns

      A growing trend in the United States are sky lanterns. Also known as wish lanterns or Chinese lanterns, this product can be described as the complete opposite of sparklers. While sparklers are filled with vibrancy and an exhilarating feeling (due to the short time limit imposed by sparklers), sky lanterns are gentle and peaceful. In other words, it offers an extended experience in which guests can fully immerse themselves in a meditation-encouraged activity.

      Chinese Lanterns – How will my wedding exit look?

      sky lantern wedding exit favor

      You can expect your guests to live in the moment with this fantastic wedding exit product. Lighting and prepping each sky lantern takes at least two guests (one guest is possible but requires more effort and focus). Pair your guests in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 and allow them to rejoice in this wedding exit experience. Once your sky lanterns are ready to be released, a mesmerizing view of a runaway galaxy will present itself on your special wedding day.

      Glow Necklaces

      Most often used in nightclubs or raves, glow necklaces, or glow sticks, are either used as alternatives for sparklers or for a specific wedding theme. If your venue does not allow sparklers, fireworks, or any form of open flame, glow necklaces are your next best wedding exit favor. Glow sticks do not require any form of planning given their extended glow time (at least 6 hours)!

      Glow Necklaces – How will my wedding exit look?

      glow stick wedding exit favor

      Your wedding exit must take place at night to really enjoy this wedding exit favor. It is a wedding favor with no limits. Expect your wedding guests to get creative with how they choose to wear their glow sticks. With an easy display, extended time limit, and no safety precautions, your wedding exit will be filled with bright colors and a party ambiance.

      Which Wedding Exit Favor is best for My Wedding?

      Sparklers are perhaps the wedding exit items that require the most planning. That being said, there are several tips and tricks to make the planning phase run smoothly and efficiently. The pressure of having sparklers is making sure you are able to get the most out your sparkler once it is lit. Rest assure, they are really worth it!

      Sky Lanterns do not require much planning but instead must be used with instruction. Given that sky lanterns must be lit in a particular way so that it opens and floats initially, a live demonstration will suffice. Fortunately, guests can take their time with this unique wedding favor if they run into any trouble.

      Glow Sticks require no planning or instruction. It is a simple and fun wedding exit product that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy.

      We recommend every bride and groom to think about the style of their wedding, the "feel" of their special day. Wedding Sparklers, Sky Lanterns, and Glow Sticks all offer a unique and different experience.

      Are Sparklers really smokeless?

      Are Sparklers really smokeless?

      Are Sparklers Smokeless?

      Q & A

      Can a sparkler really be smokeless?

      Short answer, no. Sparklers are a low grade novelty firework. Naturally, it does produce smoke once ignited.

      How can I make sure I buy the best sparkler for my wedding?

      Though sparklers produce smoke, purchasing wedding sparklers specifically can offer your special day amazing wedding sparkler pictures. True wedding sparklers are "virtually smokeless" sparklers, which are the best quality sparkler for your wedding or special event.

      What does "virtually smokeless" sparklers mean?

      A true wedding sparkler is "virtually smokeless" given its steel wire core and top grade firework composition. In other words, top quality wedding sparklers burn evenly, consistently, and with minimal smoke. These are the sparklers used in the amazing wedding sparkler pictures you often come across on Google or Pinterest.

      Does your company offer true wedding sparklers?

      YES! You don't have to guess whether you are purchasing the right sparkler or not. We only sell "virtually smokeless" wedding sparklers with a steel wire core to allow for clear and detailed sparkles. You can thank your wedding photographer later!

      Welcome to Wedding Exits

      Welcome to Wedding Exits

      We are Wedding Exits: Your Wedding Exit Planners! We want every wedding day to enjoy the beauty of wedding exits! We offer top quality wedding sendoff products such as sparklers and glow necklaces. We are HUGE fans of the wedding exit tradition and are now embarking on our very own journey!

      Wedding Exits is a growing team who specialize in wedding favors/ products. Our primary goal is to make your wedding sendoff dreams come true!



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