Are Sparklers really smokeless?

23 June 2016
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Are Sparklers really smokeless?

Are Sparklers Smokeless?

Q & A

Can a sparkler really be smokeless?

Short answer, no. Sparklers are a low grade novelty firework. Naturally, it does produce smoke once ignited.

How can I make sure I buy the best sparkler for my wedding?

Though sparklers produce smoke, purchasing wedding sparklers specifically can offer your special day amazing wedding sparkler pictures. True wedding sparklers are "virtually smokeless" sparklers, which are the best quality sparkler for your wedding or special event.

What does "virtually smokeless" sparklers mean?

A true wedding sparkler is "virtually smokeless" given its steel wire core and top grade firework composition. In other words, top quality wedding sparklers burn evenly, consistently, and with minimal smoke. These are the sparklers used in the amazing wedding sparkler pictures you often come across on Google or Pinterest.

Does your company offer true wedding sparklers?

YES! You don't have to guess whether you are purchasing the right sparkler or not. We only sell "virtually smokeless" wedding sparklers with a steel wire core to allow for clear and detailed sparkles. You can thank your wedding photographer later!

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