Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

20 February 2017
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Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

Free Wedding Sparkler Samples

Choosing the perfect wedding favor can some times be stressful. The unexpected is always scary when dealing with your wedding day; everyone around you is trying their best to make sure EVERYTHING goes according to plan! Some of us accomplish this goal while a few others are met with a few hiccups. In either case, we encourage you to be positive, embrace the mistakes because others will follow your lead. When a young child falls, oftentimes he/she looks at his parents for confirmation on how he/she reacts. React with understanding and encouragement and your child will follow suit!

As an attempt to make sure we minimize any unwanted surprises, we are offering our Free Wedding Sparkler Sample Package! Though there is a small shipping fee of $11.99, customers will receive a total of 17 free sparklers: 8 36inch sparklers, 8 20inch sparklers, and one heart sparkler. Normally, the cost for this package is $22.70 on our site (much higher on our competitors' sites).

36inch Wedding Sparklers

36inch wedding sparklers sparkle for about 3 minutes, these long sparklers are our most popular. Bridal parties always prefer the comfort of having extra sparkling time just in case the lighting process takes a little longer or the bride and groom decide to take a few extra strolls through their wedding sparkler exit. When customers order our 36inch sparklers, they are aware of the size...but somehow, seeing it in person is a surprise! Once you receive your free sparkler package, you will know exactly what we mean!

  • roughly 3 minute sparkle time
  • most popular size
  • best suited for large-sized weddings

20inch Wedding Sparklers

20inch sparklers are our next best seller. With an average burning time of 1.5 minutes, this sparkler size is a bit more conservative. While it matches the quality and standards of our wedding approved 36inch sparklers, it is smaller in size, thus it sparkles for less time. A common rule of thumb is to purchase 20inch sparklers for average size weddings since larger weddings will use up more time to light every sparkler. On the other hand, a large wedding party can effectively plan their lighting process and still be able to successfully use 20inch sparklers.

  • roughly 1.5 minute sparkle time
  • better suited for average-sized weddings

Heart Sparklers

Heart sparklers are a very special item, perhaps our most symbolic. Immediately after lighting your heart sparkler, it begins as two sparkles and ultimately reunites. It is a symbolic visual that describes the path of meeting your loved one. With a sparkle time of about 50 seconds, heart sparklers are a special item for intimate sized weddings/ gatherings. Similar to 20inch sparklers, customers can effective plan the sparkler lighting process and use heart sparklers for larger sized weddings.

  • roughly 50 second sparkle time
  • better suited for intimate-sized weddings

Benefits of choosing our FREE Sparkler Sample Package

The biggest benefit when ordering our FREE wedding sparkler sample package is testing the product! Some venues require virtually smokeless sparklers and prove hesitant to allow just any sparkler on their premise. With our sparkler sample package, wedding venues can literally test the quality of the sparkler and decide whether it meets their standards. Some bride and grooms go through the effort of purchasing sparklers, waiting for delivery, and unfortunately being rejected by ambivalent wedding venues.

Wedding photographers need to know what they are going to be working with. We completely understand that there are instances where unplanned pictures or "fortunate accidents" have been the source of unforgettable memories! On the other hand, sparkler exits are a one-shot deal. Plan the sparkler exit and allow your guests to bring the unpredictable! Additionally, wedding sparklers have proven to be camera shy. Any seasoned wedding photographer would immensely appreciate working with your particular sparkler brand before your wedding day.

  • venue has the opportunity to approve or reject your sparklers
  • customers can test the quality
  • wedding photographers can prepare for your wedding day

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