Sky Lanterns For Sale

28 December 2016
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Sky Lanterns For Sale

Sky Lanterns

sky lanterns wedding

Image courtesy of © Dino Gomez Photography

Creating a sky lantern sendoff is a wonderful experience that offers an everlasting impression. It is a product that carries tangible symbolism. For example, sky lanterns are also known as wish lanterns because individuals are encouraged to write "wishes" on their own lanterns before releasing it.

Sky Lanterns are used in huge festivals around the world, celebrating events such as world peace, love, optimism, and hope. As the popularity of wish lanterns grows, it is being included in traditional events such as weddings, anniversaries, and farewells.

Sky Lantern Quality

With many vendors offering sky lanterns, there are differences in quality. One of the biggest and most important differences is whether your sky lantern is biodegradable or not. There are sky lanterns that are semi-biodegradable and others that are 100% biodegradable. The easiest way to determine if your wish lanterns are biodegradable is by checking the wire or rope used to secure the lantern flame. If it's wire, the item is not 100% biodegradable. If it is rope (most likely made from bamboo), then it is 100% biodegradable. Every other part of the sky lantern is normally biodegradable by default.
The second material to keep in mind is the kind of paper used. Make sure you purchase fire retardant paper. In other words, the sky lantern paper is fire resistant, which allows the wish lantern to continue floating until the flame extinguishes. On the other hand, if traditional paper is used, a gentle touch of the flame could easily inflame the sky lantern only seconds after taking off.

Wish Lanterns

One of the main reasons why we love wish lanterns is because of the added benefit: customization. Customers are given the opportunity to write as many wishes on their floating lanterns before sending it off. If being used for a wedding, the wedding party can write their warm wishes for the bride and groom, wishing them a happily ever after!

Wedding parties or festivals include the "wish writing" as part of the event. Allowing your guests to scatter, get comfortable, and pour their hearts and wishes into a lovely mini hot air balloon is bound to create a magical ambiance. If your event is small in size, perhaps you can consider reading a few wishes out loud! Specifically for weddings, bride and grooms will have their own wedding sky lantern to decorate with their hopes and dreams; another wonderful moment to capture on such a special day.

wish lanterns wedding

Image courtesy of © Dino Gomez Photography

Sky Lantern Sendoff Conditions

The ideal conditions for a sky lantern sendoff are the following: minimal to no wind, no nearby trees or airports.

Minimal to no wind: sky lanterns are just like clouds, guided by the wind. A huge safety concern you will often hear about sky lanterns is wildfires. If a sky lantern lands before the fuel source is naturally extinguished, there is a risk of a fire if the surrounding area is dry wood or leaves. With strong winds, sky lanterns can be forced downwards or into trees where it will get stuck. With minimal to no wind present, sky lanterns will continue to float upwards until the fuel source is extinguished. At this point, the floating wish lantern will fall softly and pose no risk to the environment.

No nearby trees: recall that sky lanterns are meant to float upwards until the fuel source ceases to produce a flame. If it is forced downwards by wind or is trapped in a tree while the fuel source is still active, there is a risk that it may cause a fire. Releasing the wish lantern in an open field or an area with no close by trees will dramatically reduce the risk of the sky lantern possibly starting a fire.

No nearby airports: do not release sky lanterns near an airport. It is illegal due to the risk it poses on the flight path of an airplane. Please host your sky lantern sendoff at a safe location. We want everyone to enjoy this wonderful experience, but we strongly stand against irresponsible use of any product.

How To: Floating Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are fairly easy to prepare. We recommend two individuals per sky lantern. Carefully remove the floating lantern from its packaging. Unfold the sky lantern carefully and move it around so that it fills with air (similar to a garbage bag). Once the lantern is somewhat inflated with air, turn it upside down. Then, secure the wax fuel. The wax fuel will have a hole in the center and you would simply need to insert the center wire (or rope) through it. Next, use a lighter or small torch to ignite the fuel source. Once the fuel source is engulfed in flames, grab the top corners of the sky lantern (which will be towards the ground since the wedding sky lantern is upside down until this point). After securing a grip on the corners, gently turn the sky lantern upside up. After a few minutes, the wish lantern will fill with warm air and begin to pull upwards. The moment you feel a consistently strong pull, your sky lantern is ready to float away!

If you have any questions regarding our sky lanterns, please feel free to contact us. Our goal is to provide a worry-free, unforgettable and wonderful experience!

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