Sparklers for Weddings

16 November 2016
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Sparklers for Weddings

Sparklers For Weddings

wedding sparklers

The Wedding Sparkler experience is full of excitement, exhilaration, and nostalgia. Many of us enjoyed sparklers as children and even as adults during July 4th or New Year's Eve. It is a wonderful product that carries a "sparkling" personality and energy. As one of the most popular wedding sendoff ideas, wedding sparklers are transforming traditional wedding exits.

There is a method when purchasing wedding sparklers. Put simply, there are varying qualities and sizes of wedding sparklers. In terms of quality, there should not be any sort of compromise. Top quality sparklers only produce gold sparkles and are built with steel wire cores. In other words, sparklers that emit different colors or are built with bamboo (wooden) cores will produce more smoke and ash given their lower quality. Sparklers for weddings should undoubtedly be steel wire core in order to capture clear, bright sparkler photography.

Sparkler Sizes

sparklers for weddings
Most sparkler companies sell three different sparkler sizes: long 36inch sparklers, 20inch sparklers, and small 10inch sparklers. We, at Wedding Exits, only provide long 36inch and 20inch sparklers. Each wedding sparkler is of top quality; the only change between each size is the amount of time each sparkler lasts.

  • 36inch sparkler lasts 3 minutes
  • 20inch sparkler lasts about 1.5 minutes

The size of your wedding party plays a role in determining which sparkler size is the better choice. For larger weddings, we recommend 36inch sparklers. On the other hand, if you have special plans for your wedding exit that will require some extra time, we also recommend purchasing these large sparklers. 20inch sparklers are perfect for intimate sized weddings. With either option, how effectively you are able to light your sparklers is vital. If you are able to quickly light your sparklers, you wedding exit will benefit greatly! You will be able to share more sparkle time with your wedding guests.

Wedding Tags

We are THE ONLY wedding sparkler company to offer custom Wedding Tags. We use a template that includes the text "Let Love Sparkle;" customers are given the option to include the name of the bride and groom OR a phrase such as a hashtag or wedding date. Wedding Tags are used to beautify wedding sparklers so you can proudly display them rather than keep them stored until the wedding exit. During the sendoff, your guests simply slide the wedding tag until it reaches the steel wire handle (away from the sparkle composition). It is the perfect sparkler add-on item.

  • Measurement: 3 inches x 2 inches
  • Material: Cardstock, blue and white tie-dye design
sparklers for wedding

We look forward to being a special part of your wedding day!

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