Sparklers vs. Sky Lanterns vs. Glow Sticks

28 August 2016
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Sparklers vs. Sky Lanterns vs. Glow Sticks

Sparklers vs. Sky Lanterns vs. Glow Necklaces


By far one of the most popular wedding exit ideas, wedding sparklers transform wedding exits with their clear sparkles and faces filled with joy. Truth be told, sparklers are timeless. Perhaps it’s the excitement of a firework at the palm of your hands, yet gentle enough to celebrate such a special occasion (wedding). We offer the best quality wedding sparklers in the industry, so customers can enjoy clear sparkles for some amazing wedding photography.

Sparklers – How will my wedding exit look?

wedding exit sparkler exit

If you’re considering wedding sparklers, most likely you will be using them for your wedding exit. A sparkler exit consists of creating a “runway” for the bride and groom. Think of a plane taking off at night; the sparklers create a lit runway for the plane (bride and groom). Each of your guests will hold a lit sparkler and create an arch with the person in front of them. The bride and groom run, walk, and/ or dance through the runway of sparkles as the wedding photographer captures the sparkling magic!

Sky Lanterns

A growing trend in the United States are sky lanterns. Also known as wish lanterns or Chinese lanterns, this product can be described as the complete opposite of sparklers. While sparklers are filled with vibrancy and an exhilarating feeling (due to the short time limit imposed by sparklers), sky lanterns are gentle and peaceful. In other words, it offers an extended experience in which guests can fully immerse themselves in a meditation-encouraged activity.

Chinese Lanterns – How will my wedding exit look?

sky lantern wedding exit favor

You can expect your guests to live in the moment with this fantastic wedding exit product. Lighting and prepping each sky lantern takes at least two guests (one guest is possible but requires more effort and focus). Pair your guests in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 and allow them to rejoice in this wedding exit experience. Once your sky lanterns are ready to be released, a mesmerizing view of a runaway galaxy will present itself on your special wedding day.

Glow Necklaces

Most often used in nightclubs or raves, glow necklaces, or glow sticks, are either used as alternatives for sparklers or for a specific wedding theme. If your venue does not allow sparklers, fireworks, or any form of open flame, glow necklaces are your next best wedding exit favor. Glow sticks do not require any form of planning given their extended glow time (at least 6 hours)!

Glow Necklaces – How will my wedding exit look?

glow stick wedding exit favor

Your wedding exit must take place at night to really enjoy this wedding exit favor. It is a wedding favor with no limits. Expect your wedding guests to get creative with how they choose to wear their glow sticks. With an easy display, extended time limit, and no safety precautions, your wedding exit will be filled with bright colors and a party ambiance.

Which Wedding Exit Favor is best for My Wedding?

Sparklers are perhaps the wedding exit items that require the most planning. That being said, there are several tips and tricks to make the planning phase run smoothly and efficiently. The pressure of having sparklers is making sure you are able to get the most out your sparkler once it is lit. Rest assure, they are really worth it!

Sky Lanterns do not require much planning but instead must be used with instruction. Given that sky lanterns must be lit in a particular way so that it opens and floats initially, a live demonstration will suffice. Fortunately, guests can take their time with this unique wedding favor if they run into any trouble.

Glow Sticks require no planning or instruction. It is a simple and fun wedding exit product that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy.

We recommend every bride and groom to think about the style of their wedding, the "feel" of their special day. Wedding Sparklers, Sky Lanterns, and Glow Sticks all offer a unique and different experience.

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